Shelly Devices

Shelly 1PM - wifi relay switch with energy monitoring

Shelly 2.5 - wifi double relay switch with energy monitoring

Use Cases

  • Behind a standard “non-smart” light switch …to make it smart
  • Behind standard wall outlet to monitor energy usage and/or toggle state
  • Embed inside a device (for example a space heater: see here)

Setup & Config Tips:

  1. Don’t use the mobile app to setup the device. You don’t need it, and in my experience (on iOS) it causes problems.
  2. When attached to power, the device will broadcast itself as a web server
  3. To connect to the device and add it to your local WIFI:
    • Attach to the web server’s SSID: format will be “Shelly1pm-xxxxxx”
    • Enter in any web browser to bring up the device’s main page
    • Visit “Internet & Security” and select the WIFI Mode-CLIENT
      • Enter your local SSID & pwd
      • If you use static IP addresses assign that on your router
  4. After connecting the device to your local wifi, enable cloud access to automatically detect and receive firmware updates
    • If you do not want cloud access disable it again once the firmware has been updated

Wiring Reference:

*NOTE - Obligatory Disclaimer: proper use of these devices requires a clear understanding of electrical systems in your area. This includes: wiring voltages, amps, coloring schemes, line vs. load, etc. Getting these thing wrong may result in fire. Rule of thumb: if something doesn’t make sense or you don’t understand: hire someone.*

*This example here looks to be a product defect but it underscores the potential danger of an incorrect installation. Make sure you buy products from known companies and that the device is UL listed

Shelly 1PM - installation pics

This is the original wiring before any modifications

Diagram of connected wiring inside the box ...note: didn't draw the ground wire...

Bare wires - black=hot, white=neutral, green=ground

Wiring Shelly 1PM to back of outlet

Missed taking a pic of connecting the wires, so this composite image will have to suffice

All wired up, side view before insert outlet back into the wall

Top view of device and outlet being inserted into wall

Outlet screwed back into wall and ready to put faceplate back on