Hi. I’m Mark and thanks for visiting!

About this site:

This is my personal website. It has two parts. My blog, which is what probably led you here, is for posts that I feel like writing about. Topics have typically fallen into the technology and finance buckets, but I don’t have a hard fast rule on that. My resource pages often have supplemental information on things I have written about, but they also serve as a collection of resources for subjects I am invested in. Others may find them useful as well, I certainly have more than once, and having them here helps to declutter my personal notes.

If you are interested in how this site was built, then head on over to Tools for this site.

About me:

I have worked as a portfolio manager, financial analyst, many years as a software product manager, and more recently as a founder. If you have spent any time on my site my interests in technology and finance should be evident.


To reach me, send an email to mark@[this_domain_name]. Happy to connect, but give me a few days to respond. If I think your message is spam expect to wait longer …much longer :-)