Hi. I’m Mark and thanks for visiting!

About this site:

This site has two themed areas. The first, you most likely have already discovered via one of my blog posts. Here, I try to pick topics I think are interesting and hopefully useful in some way… though that of course can be quite subjective. Content has trended somewhat technical, though I plan to add more variety. The second part of this site is my resources section. I have discussed it in some detail here, but the big picture is content there is intended for reference purposes. It is both for my use from time to time, and anyone else who may find it imformative. It also has some supplmental information to some of my blog posts. Info about the tools used to build this site can be found here.

About me:

Writing my own biography is an interesting balancing act. I generally dislike self-promotion, but in context of this section, it is also somewhat unavoidable. In any event, if you have spent anytime on my site, especially in Resources, an obvious theme will be an interest in technology. I didn’t start in tech, but got there by way of accounting, finance, and product management - not surprisingly, through building financial software. I don’t view tech as a cure all, but as a tool to be deployed when and where it makes sense, and when done well, it can be truly transformative. Fintech, payments, product management, home automation/IoT, and self-hosted software are all high interest areas. I am hands-on and usually have a number of projects going at a time, though this was a big one and outside my normal domain. I believe it is important to try new things and to push your skills. I have found this generally leads to better results, fresh insights, and new opportunity considerations. Lastly, I have two great kids. Some of this is for them.


If you’d like to contact me, an email sent to mark@[this_domain_name] works just fine. Give me a few days to respond, but I’ll respond - unless you are offering to send me gobs of money from a foreign country or selling a service I doubt I’ll need :-)