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The software components of my system are listed below. I have a total of 4 cameras (2 POE & 2 wifi) feeding into Blue Iris. Right now, the weak link in my setup is the AI/object detection. The process to feed the AI is clunky and obj. dectection accuracy needs improvement.

Open Items

Blue Iris - Network Video Recording (NVR) Software

One of the few commercial software solutions I use in my automation stack. Pros: Extremely feature rich & adaptible. Cons: Windows based only, UI suffers heavily from feature creep/bloat; non-intuitive. Excellent software otherwise :)

AI Tool - Communications bridge - feeds images from Blue Iris to Deepstack for object detection processing

Deepstack - AI object detection for motion activated images from Blue Iris

Rob Cole resources:

Alt Setups to consider:

Blue Iris & Home Assistant - integration